Friday, January 29, 2010

Great Waters Chicago....

I have some last minute work to do ie create a one hour program for my presentation at the Great Waters Fly Fishing Expo in Chicago this weekend. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of friends there. I'll be on my back killing geese Monday and hopefully swinging some flies next week as well!


Jay's Newspaper Column - Treasure in the attic is the topic

Old Treasures - January 2010
By Jay Anglin
Occasionally you hear a story about somebody that literally stumbles into a treasure virtually right under their nose. I recall a couple years ago I read an article about a guy that was refurbishing his home and found hundreds of vintage movie promotional posters inside the walls of the home. Apparently the previous owner of the home had operated a movie theatre during what is known as the “The Golden Age of Hollywood” and took the posters home to insulate the walls. Obviously those Gone With the Wind and Citizen Kane posters didn’t seem all that valuable at the time. Today there are worth a fortune of course.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Swinging with the long rod...

Yesterday my buddy Dan and I spent half the day wading the St Joe below Berrien Springs swinging flies. This was not just a scouting mission, Dan also did his best to refine my spey casting technique. Occasionally I was consistently making decent skagit style casts but when he started to get into the "585 grains and a 10 foot cheater" and "remember the 180 degree know about that I'm sure" talk I pretended not be confused!

Okay, so I'm of Scottish ancestry and for whatever reason always preferred Irish whiskey but Dan has me sipping good Scotch now. As of yesterday he's convinced me to give a shit about spey casting as well and he always reminds me that I should be an expert because I'm "a Scot". Thanks old buddy!

We didn't hook anything or see anything for that matter but that was the first time in several outings the past week that Dan didn't.


Jay's Newspaper Column - Topic: Reel Maintenance and Disasters

Spring Dust Off

If the weather forecast is any indication, lots of fishermen are going to be thinking about dusting off the fishing gear and hitting the water in the near future. It’s easy to assume that everything is in working condition and just go ahead and make that first big spring foray to the stream or the lake. Then, when you break off the inaugural fish because in reality, everything is not in working order

Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 21st, 2010

I'm finally getting up to speed on this blog thing. What the hell does "blog" mean anyway...where'd that word come from? According to Wiki it's the shortened term for "weblog". So be it.

As you can see I've posted a couple of my newspaper columns from the LaPorte Herald Argus. I'll cherry pick some good ones(and probably not so good ones)and post them in a random fashion. I'll try to be seasonal at least!

The Anglin Outdoors website got another makeover so if you have a chance take a look....

Jay's Newspaper Column - Winter snow

Snow Time
By Jay Anglin - January 2009

This week I proved to myself again that you can harvest a pair of geese over eight decoys in driving snow on a day that barely saw the temperature get about 10 degrees Fahrenheit. I was comfortably ensconced in my layout blind

Jay's Newspaper Column - Sledding is the topic

Note...titles are as I saved them in my file and not as printed!
Slicker Than Greased Owl Shit
By Jay Anglin - January 2010

The kids got out of school an hour and fifteen minutes early Thursday so I decided I’d take them sledding. Whenever we go I fondly recall how much fun I used to have sledding. It seemed that my friends and I were always draggin’ a sled or an inner tube around regardless of where we were going. If there was a hill nearby it was mandatory to take a run or two.

Monday, January 18, 2010

How many geese does it take........

I spent Saturday and Sunday laying in a spread of 150 goose decoys. I had floaters, sleepers, resters, full body feeders and uprights, shells, sillouettes....a real nice mishmash of decoys. I set up at the edge of a lake where we've kept the water open with an ice-eater for the past 6 weeks and ran the decoys into the adjacent pasture. Both days I saw around 1000 geese and worked hundreds but only few made the fatal mistake of finishing in the decoys.

It was the last two days of the regular season and these birds were very well educated. Stale you might say. The conditions weren't very good either...barely a breeze, flat skies. This presented a very difficult calling situation which created the perpetual problem of not calling enough and yet always calling too much. I hate that.

But, in the end, the hunters prevailed and we got our birds. We'll get back at them on February 1st for the nuisance season.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

First off....

This is my first blog entry. I've always considered the term "blog" sort of unsavory. That's why it took me so long to get my very

So, I will post my newspaper column here and random thoughts and stories. Be back soon!