Saturday, March 13, 2010

March 11th, 2010....The D and BS

Dan and I hit The D for a few hours this morning. The water was coming up and going off though still fishable. I hooked one in a slot below gravel...I presume a female holding behind a redd that I couldn't see. Kinda surprised me so I punted after a few head shakes. I saw some newly worked gravel and one occupied redd but little activity in the way of traffic. 45.5 degree water.

We headed down to BS dam and slid in line. Dan with a two-hander showing off with a big 'Truder. I was feeling the urge to assimilate into the crowd and grabbed Dan's drift rod out of the back seat of his truck. I think it was a Cabela's blank, green Fish Eagle II that he rolled up in his signature pinkish red thread and used remnants of other corks to make this bizarre fucked up looking handle that was ill shaped and peculiar but oddly comfortable in the hand. t didn't take long and I was into a fish on a #6 chart/orange nuke. I kicked it's ass...a smallish female winter-run in great shape. As I let her go I said,"What a nice looking fish" a toothless hillibilly nearby followed me up with,"It'd be a lot nicer if it was on a fuckin' stringer". And with that gem of wisdom in our collective thoughts, I let her go.

Shortly thereafter I picked up another fish in the same tank right in front of a big rock. This spot is notorious to Dan and I because the majority of those guys that live down there never fish it. It's draped in line anyway so you can feel the line and then you get jacked by a fish that's laying in the hydraulic just upstream of the BFR. I landed it in the same place and one of the regulars, a good guy says to me, " don't play em at all do you?"....alluding to the fact that I usually get them handled before they handle me. I said,"Nope, I like to kick their ass and move on".

About 10 minutes later I nailed a big male that beat the crap out of me for a few minutes but then I had him on a rail coming in. He stopped just long enough to get fouled up in a bunch of line refuse and bent my hook out on a rock. These hooks are TMC 105 knock offs...not ever sure what they are....Daiichi maybe. They seem to bend a little more readily but the price is worth the gamble I guess. Adios Mr. Steel. I also landed two nice clean Redhorse technically I was the "hi rod" for the time I was there. Dan was sure to point that out to some of the nay saying, fly fishing guide haters down there. I can handle myself with the drift rod...been a while but it was good to give it whirl again.

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